Manzur's Profile
Full Name: Muhammad Manjurur Rahman
Short Name : Manzur
Height : 5" 5'
Weight : 62 K.G
Blood Group : B+
Body Shape : Slim
Marital Status : Single.

Favorite :.
Country : Bangladesh.
Color : Black.
Season : Spring.
Time :
Place : My Room.
Number : 3.
Person : My Parents.
Personality: My Father.
Food :
Fast Food, Chinch, Ice-cream.
Drinks : Sprite.
Place : My Room.
Name : Nomi.
Game : Computer’s Game, Cricket, Football.
Cricket Team : New Zealand.
Football Team : Italy.
Computer’s Game : Need For Speed 2 (SE), NFS 4 (High Stakes), NFS (Most Wanted), NFS (Carbon), Oni, Grand Theif Auto III, Fifa 2001, No One Lives Forever, Soldier Of Fortune-2.
Cricket Player : Wasim Akram, Vatori, Shane Bond, Afridi.
Football Player : Totti, Vieari, Robarto Bajio, Maldini.
Country Band : Aurthohin, Artcell, Black, Warfaze, L.R.B, Parthibo.
Foreign Band : Bon Jovi, Poets Of The Fall, Lifehouse, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, The Corrs, Avril Lavigen, Dream Theater, Scorpions, Lifehouse.
Country Singer : Sumon (Aurthohin), Bappa (DolChut), Ayub Bachchu (L.R.B), Partho (Souls), Arnob (Bangla), Fuad Al Muqtadir’s And Zefyr.
Foreign Singer : Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi.
Cinema Type : English-Action, Comedy, Adventure, Thriller. (Except Hindi Movies).
Movies : The Tarminator-2, The Fast And The Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Back To The Future-1,2,3, True Lies, Pirates Of The Caribben-1,2,3, Rear Window, National Treasure-1,2, Inception, 2012.
Country Actor : Khaleda Zia, Sheakh Hasina, Irshad Hossain.
Foreign Actor :
Arnold Schwarzenenegger, Jim Carrey, Van Damme, Rowan Atkinson.
Cartoon : Tom And Jerry, Spirit, Tintin.
TV Channel: ETV (Bangladesh), NTV, HBO, Star Movies, MM1, Star Sports, ESPN.
Bengali Writer : Zafor Ikbal, Humayun Ahmed, Rokib Hasan, SottoJit Ray .
Foreign Writer : Jule Verne, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas, Henry Raider Haggard.

Dislike :.

Any Kind Of Pride.
Political Conflict.
Hindi Movies And Songs.

Leisure :.
Useing Computer.
Playing Cricket, Computer Games.
Hearing Song's.
Watching Movie
Novel Reading.
Playing Guitar.
Gossip With Friends.
Designing Own Name.

Hobby :.
Making Electronics Project.
Collection Software, Games, Movies, Audio And Videos CD & DVD.
Novel Book Collection. &