Manzur's Education

Early Education :.
1988 : I aas admitted at "BidDa NikaTon School" in class 'Nursery'. This school was situated in 3 no sector, Uttora, Dhaka.
1989 :I was admitted at same school in class 'Keazi'.

Primary School Education :.
1990 : Then I was admitted at "I.E.S. School" in 'Class 1'. This school was situated in 5 no sector, Uttora, Dhaka.
1991-1993 : I was admitted at a new school in Rajshahi. This school name is "Masjid Mission Academy School". It was situated at Binodpur, in Rajshahi. I studed in this school from 'Class 2' to 'Class 4'.
1994 : I again change my school. I was admitted at "Rajshahi University School". I was admitted 'Class 5'. Then I finished my primary education from this school.

High School Education :.

1995-1999 : I continued my study until 'Class 10' at "Rajshahi University School".

S.S.C :.
2000 : Passed S.S.C exam in year 2000, in Science Group from Rajshahi Education Board.

College Education :.
2000-2001 : I was admitted in "Rajshahi Government City College". and finished my college education from that college.

H.S.C :.
2002 : Passed H.S.C exam in year 2002, in Science Group fromRajshahi Education Board

University Education :.
2003-04 Session : I was admitted in 'Management Department' at "University of Rajshahi".And finished Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) education from that University.
2007-08 Session : I was admitted in 'Management Department' at "University of Rajshahi". And finished Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) education from that University.

Diploma Course :.
2006-2008 : I also finished a Diploma Course of 'Diploma in Computer Science and Application' under "Bangladesh Open University (B.O.U)". This Diploma Course duration was 1 and half years.

Extra Computer Course :.
2000 : I completed a 'Computer Hardware' course from "United Computer System".
2004 : From "Algo-Soft" I finished 'Windows Programming With Visual Basic 6.0' course.

Past Academic Subjects :.
S.S.C : Bengali, English, Mathematics, Religion (Islam), Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Higher Mathematics.
H.S.C : Bengali, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
B.B.A : Introduction to Business, Principles of Management, Principles and Practices of Accounting, Micro Economics, Principles of Finance, Principles of Marketing, Business Statistics, General Commercial Law, Macro Economics, Office Management, Business Communication, Industrial Law, Business Mathematics, Bangladesh Economics, Industrial Psychology, Principles of Cost and Management Accounting, Computer in Business, Principles and Practice of Insurance, Industrial Sociology, Financial Management, Business Environment, Auditing, Operations Management, Bank Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Quantitative Analysis for Management, Taxation, Industrial Relations, Small Business Management, Advanced Management, Development Economics, Entrepreneurship Development, International Business, Investment Analysis and Profit Management, Management Information System, Managerial Economics, Total Quality Management, Research Methodology, Management in Bangladesh.
M.B.A : Diversity Management, E-Business, Conflict Management, Management Science, Management of Financial Institution, Project Management, Organizational Behavior, Management Thought, Management Consultancy, Strategic Management.
B.O.U : Computer Basics, Office Automation, Computer Programming, English, Digital System and Computer Organization, Operating System, Microcomputers and Microprocessor, Database Management System, Desktop Publishing, Microcomputer Trouble Shooting, Computer Network.

“Overall managerial activities and performance of National Bank Limited: an evaluation of Rajshahi Branch” from 7th April 2010 to 15th April 2010.

Learn From Coaching Center :.

Sun-Dial Coaching Center (Class Coaching-Class-9), Classic Coaching Center (S.S.C Preparation), Classic Coaching Center (College Admission), Friends Coaching Center (Class Coaching-Class-12), Classic Coaching Center (H.S.C Preparation), Positron Coaching Center (University Admission), S@ifur's Coaching Center (Job and MBA Preparation)

My Teacher :.
Private Teacher
Elder Education : My Parents.
Primary School Education : Motin. Kuddus, Ashraf, Anaware, Golam Ajom.
High School Education : Putul, Kuddus, Arif, Kamal.
University Admission: Asad.
Batch Teacher
High School Education : Joynal Abadin (English), Porash Chandro (Mathematics).
College Education : Achinto Kumar (Physics), Abul Kalam Azad (Mathematics), Samsul Kalam Azad (Chemistry), Golam Hosain Pramanik (Physics), Sidur Rahman (Mathematics), Abul Hossain (Chemistry). Tito (Science Subject)
B.B.A Education : Tapu, Shawon, Arif. &