Welcome to my personal website. This site was first hosted 30th October 2006. Actually this site was build just for hobby and also provides recent information about me. In this site I provide information by category based.

In Profile you know about my favorite Country, Color, Season, Time, Place, Number, Person, Personality, Food, Drinks, Place, Name, Game, Cricket Team, Football Team, Computer’s Game, Cricket Player, Football Player, Country Band, Foreign Band, Country Singer, Foreign Singer, Cinema Type, Movies, Country Actor, Foreign Actor, Cartoon, TV Channel, Bengali Writer, Foreign Writer.. And also have Dislike, Leisure, Hobby.

In Education you know about my Early Education, Primary School Education, High School Education, S.S.C, College Education, H.S.C, University Education, Diploma Course, Extra Computer Course, Academic Subjects, Internship, Learn From Coaching Center, My Teacher.

In About Me you know about Extra Qualification, Computer Skills, My Living Place, My Tour, Memorable Event, Collection.

From Family Member you know about my all family member's recent and details information and qualification.

In Personal Picture you see my picture.
In School Picture I store my school life's picture.
In College picture also I store my college life's picture.
University Picture you can see B.B.A picture and M.B.A picture particularly.
And in Job life's Picture you can see my Job life related picture.

Another section is Link Exchange. The most, common and favorite Bangladeshi website’s address you can get from this section. Like Rajshahi University's Site, Most Favorite Bangla Chat Room, Most Common Bangla Chat Site, Favorite Bangladeshi Site, Music And Band’s Site, Sports Site, Job Site, Mobile Phone Company’s site, Fashion Site, Photography Site, Greetings And Bazar's Site, Library And Book’s Site, Freedom Site, Web Site Directory.


  My Personal Pictures Is Available Here.

Personal Picture

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School Picture

  My College Life's Related Picture Is Available Here.

College Picture

  My University Life’s Related [B.B.A] Picture Is Available Here.

University Picture [B.B.A]

  My University Life’s Related [M.B.A] Picture Is Available Here.

University Picture [M.B.A]

  MyJob Life’s Related Picture Is Available Here.

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