More About Me
My Living Place :.
I was born in Rajshahi. I live Rajshahi form 1984 to 1986.
Then I go to Dhaka with my family. And stay at Dhaka from 1986 to 1990.
We have come back Rajshahi in 1990. And still I stay in Rajshahi.

Extra Qualification :.
- Play Cricket, Football, Card (Spade, Bridge, Marriage, Bray, FreeCell, Hearts, Solitaire)
- Playing Guitar.
- Better Knowledge on Computer's Software and Hardware problems.
- Involve in primary and secondary Share Business from 25th September 2006

Computer Skills:.
HTML, Web Page Design is using Adobe Dreamweaver, Programming in Visual Basic, Database Management using FoxPro and MS Access, Graphics Design, Video Editing, English and Bengali typing in MS Office (30 word per minute), MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Internet, e-mails, and & and....
Operating Systems: MS DOS, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

My Tour :.
Travel Place :.
Rajshahi Division : Bangla Bandha (Tatulia), Tista River Bank (Panchagarh), Ram Sagor (Dinajpur), Swapno Puri (Dinajpur), Taj Hat Museum (Rangpur), Division Park (Rangpur), VinNo Jogot (Rangpur), Nil Doria (Rangpur), Jamuna River Bank (Sirajganj), MohasThan Gar Museum (Bogra), NiriBili (Sharda), Rajshahi Central Zoo (Rajshahi), Zia Park (Rajshahi), Padma River Bank (Rajshahi), Borondro Museum (Rajshahi), Babui Dang (Nawabganj), Port (Nawabganj).
Chittagong Division : Sea Beach (Coxes Bazar), Sea Beach (Coxes Bazar-Potenga), Inani Beach (Coxes Bazar), Himchori (Coxes Bazar), Foy's Lake (Chittagong), Tea Garden (Chittagong), Marine Academy (Chittagong), Nilachol (Bandorban), Nilgiri (Bandorban), Chimbuk (Bandorban), . Soilo Propat (Bandorban), Meghla (Bandorban), Shuvolong Jhorna (Ranga Mati), Jhulonto Brige (Ranga Mati), Kaptai Lake (Ranga Mati), BARD (Comilla),
Khulna Division : Mongla Sea Port (Mongla), Sundar Bon (Khulna), Hiroin Point (Khulna), Kotka (Khulna), Kuthi Bari (Kustia).
Sylhet Divition : Tea Garden (Sylhet), JafLong (Sylhet).
Dhaka Division : National Park (Dhaka), Central Zoo (Dhaka), National Museum (Dhaka), Museum (ShonarGao), DhoLasSori River Bank (Dhaka), Dighir Ghat (Jamalpur), ModhuPur (Tangail).

Historical Place :.
Rajshahi Division : Raj Bari (Dinajpur), MohasThan Gar (Bogra), Nator Raj Bari (Natore), Uttora Gono Vobon (Natore), Sah MakhDum's Majar (Rajshaih), Sona Mosjid (Nawabganj).
Chittagong Division : Baijid Bostami's Majar (Chittagong), Rajbon Bihar (Ranga Mati), Raj Bari (Ranga Mati), MoiNa Moti (Comilla).
Khulna Division : KhanJahan Alis's Majar (Bagerhat), 60 gombuj Mosque (Bagerhat).
Sylhet Divition : SahJalal's Majar (Sylhet).
Dhaka Division : Lal Bagher Kellah (Dhaka).

Tour Program " Factory And Mill " :.
Sugar Mill, Boro Pukuria Colliery Factory (Rajshahi Division : Dinajpur), ChonDroGhona Thread Factory (Chittagong Division : ChonDroGhona), Shipyard (Chittagong Division : Chittagong), CornoFulli Paper mill (Chittagong Division : Chittagong), Newsprint Mill (Khulna Division : Khulna), Match Factory (Khulna Division : Khulna).

Memorable Event :.
1. In 2006, 4th January. I am Back to near death. I injured by ELECTRIC SOCK. that’s not normal 220 Volt. That’s High Voltage. 11000 Volt. Burn my left hands 10 place. And slide burn right leg. ALLAH saves me by his own hands.

2. In 2006, 30th October. 1st time operation happened in my life. I fall down on a CATTAS BUCKET. For this cause, many thorns are entering my right hands last two fingers. One are enter one side and out other side. Operation happened from 7:10 p.m. to 8:55 p.m. Dr. Zafor and Dr. Motiar do their duty. They eliminate 9 thorn from my two fingers.

3. In 1989. I got 1st price for 1st place in class Nursery. Our school prize giving ceremony held at our school premises. I receive that prize from famous Actor Razzak Raj.

Collection* :.
Cassette : I have 139 Bangla Band and English Song's audio cassette.
CD : I have more then 297 CD. Those are Audio Song, Cartoon, Drama, Games, Movies, Software and Video Song's CD.
DVD : I have more then 843 DVD. Those are Cartoon, Drama And Series, Games, Movies, Software and Video Song's DVD. Movies are more then 2000. TV Serial's episodes are more then 600 (Like - 69, Ekanno Borti, 420, Ranger Manush, Terminator, Heroes, Smallville, Knight Rider, Macgyver, The Big Bang Theory, Tintin, Avatar) .Package Natok are more then 1000.
Novel : I have more then 600 Novel Books.
Comics : Also have more then 76 Comics Books.
[ *Till 20th December 2010] &